Even though I collect and deliver puppies, I like to think that I invest time in the new owner and the breeder. I would never collect a puppy from a puppy farm, a service station or by the side of a road. I advise all new owners to make sure a contract is available , plus videos and photos of baby, mum and dad(if possible) , and that they are freely given photo and videos  of ongoing progress ,plus check reviews on social media of the breeder. Especially if not seen puppy in person, at the breeders home environment.

I have in my T&C's that if I get to a breeder that I feel is a puppy farm I will not collect the puppy and the police will need to be called (because I could not in all honesty state what my reaction would be) . Luckily , so far I have only collected from reputable breeders who I would have no problem recommending.

Any advice required about a new puppy, feel free to ask my opinion.




  My very first puppy transport,  Floyd.







Pluto and Wolfie.


                                                          Daphne and Olly.


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