From the time of collection, all animals are in the care and responsibility of Pet TraKa Transport, until received at the departing address. During transportation measures are put in place to ensure the welfare and safety of the animals is of the highest priority, however Pet TraKa Transport cannot accept responsibility for death or injury due to natural causes. 

In the unlikely event of an animal to become sick or injured due by natural causes during transportation/walking, it is the driver/walker’s duty to ensure the animal is seen by a vet immediately. All decisions regarding the animal’s health are made by strict recommendation of the vet. Clients will be contacted and informed immediately. Pet TraKa Transport does not accept responsibility for the failure of payment regarding veterinary charges. 

Owners should provide an honest opinion of any behavioural problems at time of booking, any damage to property or persons will be costed to owner. Aggressive animals will be accepted on certain criteria being met..

Under no circumstances will Pet TraKa collect a puppy from a known puppy farm or disreputable breeder. It is upon the buyer to make all prior judgment on this matter. If upon collection Pet TraKa feel that the breeder is the owner of said establishment the transaction will be ended. All monies owing to Pet Traka will be reimbursed by the client. There will be no refunds. Please make sure that all relevant checks are made about the breeder before purchase. It will not only mean loss of monies to yourself but will be upsetting for all concerned.

 Also please make sure that you have read the contract from the breeder fully, some will not except ill dogs back, if that clause in in the contract you are probably dealing with a disreputable breeder, which needs reporting to the local authority, RSPCA or the police. A good contract will state that if you cannot look after said dog the breeder requires you to return it to themselves.

It is now law that all puppies should have their first vaccination and be micro-chipped by the breeder, if not they are breaking the law, you must at your earliest convenience change the details on the chip to your name and address. 

All payments must be paid in full by the date of collection, unless other arrangements are made prior. Pet TraKa Transport payment can be made payable through cash, Paypal  or bank transfer. 

There will be no refunds given if any journey/walk is cancelled within 24 hours of the collection date. Cancellations made before this time period can be refunded and/or postponed for a later date however any security deposits will be lost.

Same day emergency vet visits paid on time of collection or return.

If relocation journey is being planned and a long journey for pet is intended. Is your animal crate trained? If not, please contact Pet TraKa for advice on how to make the process less stressful for your fur baby.

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